“I Fink U Freeky” – Die Antwoord

On March 18, 2012, in Music, by mugen

Interesting overview of the connection between photographer (and director of the video) Ballen and the band.

image from Die Antwoord "Tension" trailer

"Ninja" masked in "Tension" trailer

And more interesting, the copyright infringement case brought against Die Antwoord by Jane Alexander regarding use of images from her art. Nice discussion from a South African about the exploitation of South African art by South African artists.

More on the same subject by the same author, but in a more complete (and scathingly anti-Die Antwoord) form here: “Butchered” by Linda Stupart, from Mahala.

detail of Jane Alexander's "Butcher Boys" sculpture

one of Jane Alexander's "Butcher Boys"

Another “discussion of the discussion” raised by the whole affair.

An Art Times of South Africa article in which Ninja claims to be friendly with Alexander and expresses surprise at the controversy.

Interesting implications for art, parody, satire, copyright, and post-modern sampling culture.

Regarding the song? It’s freaky. I like it a lot.

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