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These guys are a 5-piece band playing live, video game-inspired music in the Kansai region of Japan (Kobe & Osaka). The guys are all really friendly and cool to hang out with, and several of them also DJ.

3 songs by THE GAME SHOP on SoundCloud

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xanadujin – August 2011

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ガメオベア!!! STAGE2 Preview #7 DJ : xanadujin from KAZ a.k.a.HIGE on Vimeo.

My buddy xanadujin playing a game music set in Osaka at Bar Guild.

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On February 14, 2005, in tech, by mugen

Dean hooked us up with his AudioScrobbler chart and turned me on to the service. Here’s my scrobble which is just a list of the songs I listened to at work today. I’m getting a new machine at home soon (probably a MacMini), so I’ll add the plugin there, too.

Dean’s old blog has died and so the original link is now linkrot. Dean’s stuff is now here:

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