Bar JAAI – Friday March 7 – Osaka

On February 18, 2014, in Japan, Music, by mugen

I’ll be in Osaka the first week of March, and on Friday, March 7, I’ll be playing a 3-hour gig in the early evening, then heading across town up the street and around the block! to check out my good friend xanadujin spinning a set at Bar JAAI as part of the “Peace • Music • Nature Project Renovation Vol. 4”

xanadujin usually spins (video) game music, but also plays sets with hip hop, electronic music, and a variety of other genres. He’s a 10-year expat from Iowa living in Osaka, and he’s been active as a DJ in the Kansai area (as well as Nagoya and other parts of Japan) for the last 5 years or so. You can follow him on Twitter.

My set is really relaxed that Friday, mostly a conversation gathering, but hopefully some folks will join me in heading the JAAI and checking it out. I’ll try to take lots of pix. My set ends at 10 PM, and PMN Renovation 4 starts at 10, so hopefully I won’t miss too much.

If you’re in Osaka, come out!

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  1. Justin Pfeiffer says:

    Thanks for the shout! Looking forward to that evening!

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