Rx – Bedside Toxicology

On August 9, 2013, in Music, song, by mugen

Finally giving the first release by Rx (Martin Atkins and Ogre teamup) a listen. It’s so odd that I waited 15 years to give this a chance, but I think I would have been disillusioned back in 1998. As it is, this is an interesting bridge between The Process (Skinny Puppy) and wELt (oHGr). It’s got elements of PigFace in it, especially Welcome to Mexico…Asshole and some of the funnier moments on Fook. The cover of “Downtown” is a bit disappointing, but “Scarecrow” and “Crackhead Waltz” are excellent out-of-leftfield work from guys who would normally be atonal or beating on drums or filtered by computers.

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