Best Fucking Songs Ever

On July 15, 2005, in Music, song, by mugen

“Demon” — Scheer
“Pure Morning” — Placebo
“IDL” — Doubting Thomas
“Sick of Myself” — Matthew Sweet
“Duvet” — Boa
“Plowed” — Sponge
“Vasoline” — Stone Temple Pilots
“Only Love Can Break Your Heart” — St. Etienne featuring Moira Lambert
“Wait and Bleed” — Slipknot
“Tin Omen” — Skinny Puppy
“You Know What You Are” — Ministry
“Cuts You Up” — Peter Murphy
“Mr. Brightside” — The Killers
“Under the Milkyway Tonight” — The Church
“Rocket Queen” — Guns N’ Roses
“The Sweetness” — Jimmy Eat World
“Ulysses” — Dead Can Dance
“Don’t Stand So Close to Me” (original) — The Police
“Rubber Glove Seduction” — PTP
“Bring the Noise” — Public Enemy
“Shamrocks and Shenanigans” (Butch Vig Remix) — House of Pain
“Negative Creep” — Nirvana
“Sunday Bloody Sunday” — U2
“Beers, Steers, and Queers” — Revolting Cocks
“Get Down, Make Love” — NIN (cover)
“Like a Prayer” — Bigod 20 (cover)
“Make Me a Mixtape” — The Promise Ring
“Butyric Acid” — Consolidated
“Creep” — Radiohead
“Keep Myself Awake” — Black Lab
“Transylvanian Concubine” — Rasputina
“Anarchy in the U.K.” — Sex Pistols
“How Soon is Now” — anyone but The Smiths
“6 Underground” — Sneaker Pimps
“I’m Free” — Soup Dragons (cover)
“Paint It Black” — The Rolling Stones
“Eddie Hook” — Tad
“Paranoid” — Clay People (cover)
“Slayed” — Overseer
“Solsbury Hill” — Peter Gabriel
“Sand” — Einstürzende Neubäuten (cover)
“A Lonely Chord” — Tsunami Bomb
“South Texas Deathride” — The Union Underground
“Something Good” — Utah Saints
“Temple of Dreams” — Messiah
“Fun with Drugs” (remix) — Velvet Acid Christ
“Add It Up” — Violent Femmes
“Hobo Humping Slobo Babe” — Whale
“Opiate” — Tool
“Bitches” — Mindless Self Indulgence
“Grave Wisdom” — Skinny Puppy
“Busy” — Jawbreaker
“She’s My Ex” — ALL
“Ich Bin Ein Auslander” — Pop Will Eat Itself
“Jane Says” — Jane’s Addiction
“Milquetoast” — Helmet
“Clint Eastwood” — Gorillaz
“Love” — Gearwhore
“My Favorite Game” — Cardigans
“The Touch” — Heather Nova (cover)
“Waiting Room” — Fugazi
“Your Silent Face” — New Order
“Southside” — Moby
“Dig Up Her Bones” — Misfits
“Skulls” — Lemonheads (cover)
“Fade to Black” — Metallica
“Torpedoes” — MDFMK
“Godlike” — KMFDM
“Tourniquet” — Marilyn Manson
“Charlotte” — Kittie
“Zerospace” — Kidney Thieves
“Cemetery Gates” — Pantera
“Birthday” — Sugar Cubes
“Kerosene” — Big Black
“Rusty Cage” — Soundgarden
“Movies” — Alien Ant Farm
“Wreath of Barbs” — :Wumpscut:
“One for the Mockingbird” — Cutting Crew
“Zoolook” — Jean Michel Jarre
“Linda Linda” — Blue Hearts
“More Than a Feeling” — Boston

That’ll do for now.
What’re yours?

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