Cruel World – Summer 2020 in L.A.

On February 17, 2020, in Music, by mugen

I can leave early to miss traffic since Morrissey is headlining…

Seriously considering this one. Cruel World Festival

coverage at Slicing Up Eyeballs

OK, so, this is way better than I anticipated. Lots of stuff with a Gorillaz/De La Soul/Dream Warriors kind of vibe. Dope Saint Jude is awesome.

The Netflix series is kind of like a Gamma World/Nausicaa/Gravity Falls mashup – maybe with a theme/premise kind of like Epic.



Listened to a ton of CHVRCHES today.
I saw them live in Columbus in summer 2014, in a rainstorm. It was fantastic. (Setlist.)
From the same tour.

Some excellent concert vids on YouTube, particularly Reading Festival 2019, Reading 2016, and Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2019.

Reading 2019

(the next 2 have ads after nearly every song, which gets a little annoying, but hey…)

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