Still waiting for new material from Grimes, but in the meantime, she’s put two early albums (Geidi Primes and Halfaxa) up for donation/sale/free download on Bandcamp. Seriously, this is good stuff, and there’s a sample song from each if you’re not convinced to grab it all.

This is an independent artist doing it independently, after breaking through to sign with 4AD for her most recent album. She’s offering the music free, essentially, but you can “tip” any amount you want to support her efforts. If you don’t want to commit too much, underpay for one album and give it a shot. If you dig it, go get the other one and make up the difference! These are albums you’re unlikely to ever see in a local mainstream store (Best Buy, Target, etc.) and are even unlikely to see in most indy shops, because they’re kind of “old” and really small runs on small labels.

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