A good list from dubspot (with clickable embedded players) of documentaries about production and history of electronic music.

I’m really eager to check out Synth Britannia from BBC4, along with Copyright Criminals and the Moog doc.

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Insane how apt these words are, lo these 27 years later.

“Hands All Over”

Hands all over the Eastern border
You know what? I think we’re falling
From composure
Hands all over Western culture
Ruffling feathers and turning eagles into vultures
Got my arms around my baby brother
Put your hands away
You’re gonna kill your mother, kill your mother
And I love her

Hands all over the coastal waters
The crew men thank her
Then lay down their oily blanket
Hands all over the inland forest
In a striking motion trees fall down
Like dying soldiers

Hands all over the peasants daughter
She’s our bride
She’ll never make it out alive
Hands all over words I utter
Change them into what you want to
Like balls of clay
Put your hands away
You’re gonna kill your mother
And I love her

Words: Chris Cornell
Music: Kim Thayil

“Making this video was fun because we were in a steel foundry. And there was like a black cancer dust all over everything. We’re all gonna get cancer from it and die. So I hope you enjoy it. This will be the video that killed Soundgarden.”

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Terminology – Digital Audio

On May 18, 2017, in Digital Audio, tech, by mugen

Lists of terminology for Digital Audio – Quizlet sets for study/testing


https://quizlet.com/114085809/digital-media-105-audio-flash-cards/ – a few terms not mentioned above

https://quizlet.com/101602740/digital-audio-flash-cards/ – mostly the same, some few new terms

https://quizlet.com/107734352/intro-to-digital-audio-jonathan-toole-flash-cards/ – alternate, additional meaning for “trim,” etc.

https://quizlet.com/109208978/digital-media-audio-file-formats-flash-cards/ – starting point for file types, but needs more detail


Getting the Vapors

On May 18, 2017, in Japan, Music, by mugen

Where to even start?

Best place to go from here is this article about SUPERFLAT and Murakami Takashi (who directed this video, and who produced the artwork below:

at the Yokohama Museum of Art

CNN doesn’t “get it.

Better explanation at Art Radar, and interesting links to others in the genre at Hyperallergenic.

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from “Amen, Brother” by the Winstons – the AMEN BREAK:

and from “Funky Drummer” by James Brown:

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Microphones – Digital Audio

On May 17, 2017, in tech, by mugen

More resources for teaching digital audio – Microphone basics.

Very basic stuff, good starting point and terminology – E-Home Recording Studio

More basics, includes directionality diagrams – Yamaha Pro Audio

More depth and detail – envato tuts+

Broader, more than just mics – Streamer Square

Real language notes on recording speech for a beginner with some FAQ – Peter L. Patrick (British)

Much more technical and in-depth, more directionality diagrams – Gearank

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Shamisen, again

On May 17, 2017, in Japan, Music, song, by mugen

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