“Gonna Get Close to You” by Dalbello

On March 20, 2013, in Music, song, by mugen

I always thought this tune stood out as a kind of weird departure on the Queensryche album Rage for Order. I never realized it was a cover!

Found the original tonight by accident. Check it out:

Take THAT, Geoff Tate! Wow. The Queensryche version is pretty good, honestly. But the original by Dalbello has a creepiness and weirdness that comes from the nearly industrial beat that keeps thumping along through the song and the New Wave trappings dressing everything up. I loved Rage for Order when I found it in the late 80s, and loved it even more when I realized that it was produced by Dave “Rave” Ogilve, who produced the first half of Skinny Puppy’s discography. Here’s the Queensryche version:

They amped up the creep quality (and I wonder if Rave had any influence on the choice to cover this tune).

The gender-bending elements of the video only amplify the “single white female”-esque aspects of the song as performed by Dalbello. Tate’s androgyny in the Queensryche video isn’t quite the same, but positioning him as the stalker has a sort of vampiric quality.

Now to find more Dalbello…

The Naked and Famous have put together a concert video from near the end of their 2 year tour to support Passive Me, Aggressive You. It’s AWESOME. I downloaded the 1080p version today and have it playing now. It’s VERY reminiscent of the show I saw in Indianapolis last spring. In fact, the show I saw was 3 days before the one in the video. This band is doing LOTS of things right as far as winning a fanbase and keeping people interested. They’ve taken a well-earned break and hopefully they’ll have an awesome follow-up album to show for it. In the meantime – ONE TEMPORARY ESCAPE.


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